Hello and welcome to LifeTravelGuide! My name is Ignat and I was born in Bulgaria. Now it is probably the time to list my education, my occupation, and other facts related to my life, but I think doing so would mislead you in creating a fake image of me in your mind. I believe that the events and situations encountered in our lives are not to define who we are, but rather to open our eyes and minds toward a deeper awareness of who we truly are within. How do I describe my inner self and the vibration that shows my true self? I don’t think I can do that. 

When I started building this site and telling my stories, I wanted to not simply write another travelogue listing places and events, but rather send a message out which would provoke you to trust Life more, to believe the path He takes you, and to be more confident in the positive outcomes even though at times it is hard to do so. I sincerely hope I have succeeded in that at least to some extent. 

I’ve noticed that often times my relatives and friends who hear about my endeavors describe me as a very brave person. That is not the case at all. I am a strong believer and a far less brave person. I am more than convinced that Life is not some game of random events. I believe He would never put me in a situation I don’t have the strength or skills to overcome. 

Also, I’d like to add that I’ve come to these conclusions by observing myself and the Creation in depth during the adventures I took. In this line of thought, my biggest achievement would be making you leave your comfort zone at least once. I’d encourage you to leave your safety not to detailed planning and precaution measures, but instead to what Life offers you, because only through the real experiences we go through can we continue on the path of self-awareness in this beautiful journey called Life. 

Thank you!

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