Why I Travel Alone 

I get this question quite often. When I try to get out of the situation I say something in the line of – I have no one to travel with. It’s true; I don’t think many people would want to join me in an adventurous 3-4 month trip, without a goal or direction. That’s not the complete truth though. There is a lot more to it, and honestly, when I start telling you all about it, you’ll see that even if I had someone to go with, I am not so sure I’d do it. 

Maybe the main reason to travel alone is the reason for traveling itself. 

Why I do it? Maybe to rest a bit and have some fun. Or maybe because I’m a thrill seeker and that is the way to get my adrenaline on. None of the above. I have other reasons, so let’s take a look: 


Varanasi – India 

This also partially answers the question of why I don’t travel to Europe. 

Yes, cultures different from mine strike the biggest interest in me. The lack of judgment in comparison to my world when exploring a new culture is like finding yourself in Wonderland. 

It’s a complete new reality filled with tons of interesting things, like new energy, new faces, different streets, houses and buildings, different food, different customs, people with a different mindset, and most importantly – living differently. 

This kind of experience, outside of everything you know is a powerful life lesson, which can’t be forgotten; a lesson that changes one’s reality perception. Let me make one thing clear though, it is only possible without judgment. To experience this wonder fully, it is absolutely necessary to have an open to all differences heart, no matter how shocking they may be. Life takes different shapes and putting labels of “good”, “bad”, “right”, or “wrong” belongs to the brain alone. 


Atacama Desert – Chile 

How self-contradictory – freedom and limit in the same sentence…

I don’t know about you, but I have come to realize that all stress and most problems come from the lack of freedom. Going to work is the greatest stopper of freedom. Even if you have an interesting job which you do with pleasure there comes a moment when you wake up in the morning with a strong desire to do something else. Maybe you have no obligations at all but you still have to go to work because that is the norm and how the society has formed over the past few generations. Limiting your freedom by being forced to do something you have no desire to do, sets the wrong mood for the rest of the day. I won’t even mention the people going to work almost every day without the slightest desire. Even I was one of them in certain periods of my life. 

The lack of freedom is directly related to how happy you’re feeling. If your freedom is limited by your job, if you’re not feeling free in your relationship, don’t be surprised when you feel unhappy despite your stable financial situation. 

This is the reason I easily leave the security of my comfort zone in pursuit of the unknown; in return I receive freedom. The less I take with me the more freedom I get. Here I don’t mean the backpack possessions I bring along. What I mean here is to go without expectations, plans, or goals. The less I bring along and carry with me along the way, the more free I feel. 

Imagine the feeling of waking up in the morning, somewhere out there in the unknown and the only thing you have on your to-do list for the day is to live it. Live it the best way you can imagine at the moment. No appointments or schedules, no obligations or responsibilities. Just BE! Accept the energy of the day, whatever it is, without trying to change it, day after day, week after week…the ease fills you up. 


This is definitely the main reason for me to travel. I am in constant search of Myself, and so far I have not found a better way to do that. When I put myself in different situations and challenges, mostly for the first time, I learn something new about myself. I get a clearer idea of who I am, or more specifically who I am not. Observing my brain looking for a way out of the next difficult situation in Life is a pure gift and pleasure. Another thing I enjoy doing is observing my brain being calm and free of stress or daily pressure. That allows me to look deeper into my true self. That is what I search and most of the times I find it. 


As you can see having a travel buddy or friend with me through a journey like that doesn’t quite fit the picture. The ones who have read the Episodes know that most of the time I am not alone. The idea is to accept everything given to me by Life during a journey with an open heart. Up to the present moment, Life has rarely left me alone, and many times He not only sent me company but true friends as well. I hope my words have given you that drop of courage you needed and soon you’ll experience everything I spoke of on your own. One thing I am sure of – you won’t regret it! 

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